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MasterBlend offers the industry's most trusted and widely used specialty rug care products, safe for use on the wide-ranging types of fibers found in area & oriental rugs. Trust MasterBlend to restore your customer's most cherished rugs!

This pack ships with 1-gallon of Oriental Rug Shampoo, MasterTech Shampoo, Skunk Odor Control & a 6-pound jar of Formula M.

Oriental Rug Shampoo is excellent for your go-to shampoo when dealing with natural fiber area rugs. Effective on a wide range of soils, its' neutral pH remains safe for all fiber types.

Formula M is your best chance at removing difficult stains during the washing process. All but eliminating the need for difficult post-spotting techniques. Removes stains from wine, coffee, tea, urine, & feces with ease.

MasterTech Shampoo is an acid side shampoo which works great when dealing with sensitive fibers such as silk or cotton. Clean rugs like silks & Navajo with confidence using MasterTech Shampoo.

Skunk Odor Control is our most advanced treatment for odors from pets as well as musty or mildew type odors. Used as a pre-treatment prior to cleaning it can remove the most difficult odors found in rugs, carpets, hard surfaces, and more!


Oriental Rug Shampoo is a neutral pH shampoo for wool rugs and carpets, and other specialty textiles. Oriental Rug Shampoo is a premium blend of detergents, degreasers, and natural citrus solvents which safely clean fine fabrics. Rich foam emulsifies grime without worry of over wetting, long drying times, or browning. Designed for rotary or hand cleaning methods.

• Twice As Concentrated As Leading Brands
• One Gallon Cleans Up To 13,200 Sq Ft
• Highly Effective On All Carpet And Soil Conditions
• Citrus Fragrance
• Ready To Use pH Is 7.5

Formula M is a premium heavy duty enzyme detergent for use on heavily soiled rugs, designed to break down hard to remove soil and stains like red wine and urine. Works excellent for white & off-white rugs (including shags!) - test first in an inconspicuous area when working with colored, natural fiber rugs.

• Premium Enzyme Powder PreSpray with Booster
• Break down hard to remove Protein Soil and Stains
• Brightens Dingy White Rugs
• Can Be Used with Oriental Rug Shampoo as A Booster
• Ready To Use pH is 10.6

MasterTech Shampoo was developed to clean problem oriental rugs that may have become dull, faded or are prone to browning during drying. Use this shampoo when the condition of a rug will not allow invasive cleaning techniques or the rug needs to be brightened.

• Premium Shampoo For Problem Carpets & Rugs
• Brightens Dull And Faded Rugs
• One Gallon Cleans Up To 6800 Sq Ft
• Citrus Fragrance
• Ready To Use pH Is 6.0

Skunk Odor Control Severe Odor Counteractant is formulated to eliminate the most difficult odors such as skunk, severe urine, and dead animal. It is the number one product against skunk odor and other difficult odors such as cat urine. Skunk Odor Control is an effective water-based odor counteractant. For use on all water-safe surfaces: carpet, upholstery, fabric, vinyl, concrete, sealed wood, tile, grout, animal cages, trash cans, etc.

• Severe Odor Counteractant
• Effective On Skunk, Severe
• Area Spray Or Wet Fog
• Ready To Use pH Is 6.0


Vendor: MasterBlend

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