Tile Ultimate

Solvent-Based Impregnator/Sealer

Tile Ultimte

#140505: Gallon
#140506: Case of 4 Gallons

A solvent-based stone, tile and grout sealer with little or no change in the material’s natural look. Tile Ultimate has excellent oil and water repellency and resists soil, stain, chemical degradation, biological growth and efflorescence. Provides deep penetrating protection and is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

UltraViolet Resistant.    


Always test to determine desired results and ease of application in an inconspicuous area with a 24 hour cure time before using. Ensure that surface is clean, dry, free of coatings, and allow new grout installations to cure for 72 hours. Mask off baseboards and adjacent areas. Do not overspray on surfaces not to be cleaned. If overspray occurs, wipe and rinse thoroughly.

Tile Ultimate is ready to use. Liberally apply to surface with a sprayer, roller, sponge, or mop. Spread evenly with a squeegee, sponge, or mop.

Coverage is approximately 200 - 1000 square feet per gallon depending upon the porosity of stone. For more porous stones, a second coat may be required. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes before second application.

After final application, wipe up any excess with a clean towel, sponge, or mop. Do not allow foot traffic for 6-8 hours. Allow 72 hours curing time for maximum protection. Rinse equipment thoroughly with mineral spirits.

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