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Absorbent Powder

Absorbs Spills and Pet Accidents

Absorbent Powder

#186201: 2 lb Jars 
#186202: Case of 6, 2-pound jars.

Absorbent Powder absorbs and deodorizes liquid spills and pet accidents and prevents them from spreading. Composed of a natural mineral and absorbent copolymer that encapsulate spilled liquids and odors. Acts like tiny sponges, absorbing up to 10 times its weight in water- and oil-based liquids.

  • Designed for use on household spills and pet accidents. 
  • Works on oil- and water-based spills.
  • Non-toxic. Easy to use.
  • Composed of a natural mineral and absorbent copolymer.


Sprinkle Absorbent Powder to completely cover the spot.

Vacuum the area when completely dry.

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