El Diablo HE

Heat Exchange Truckmount

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The NEW MasterBlend Heat Exchange Truckmount -The El Diablo HE

The new El Diablo HE features high-performance heat, pressure, vacuum, and versatility with proven components and superior innovations all from a quality-driven manufacturer. It joins the diesel-fired El Diablo in the lineup of MasterBlend truckmounts.


  • Kohler Command PRO 25.5 HP Electronically Fuel Injected
  • Roots 4.5 URAI-J-DSL direct coupled blower 
  • Mechanically controlled Kunkle Valve 
  • Cat 3CP1120 high-pressure pump 
  • Last step stainless steel Cat Pumps solution injection pump 
  • New heat exchange system 


Dimensions: 35"W X 46"H X 51"L

Weight: 700 lbs.

Hoses: 125 feet of high-quality vacuum and high-pressure solution hose

Wand: 2-jet S wand with 1,200 psi valve

Heater: 6-gallon diesel tanks with diesel heater 

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Spec Sheet

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