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Encapsulation/Counter-Rotating Brush Machines

An Innovative System for Low-Moisture, Low-Residual Carpet Care



Pro 35

Pro 45

  TM4 TM5 Pro35 Pro45
 Item #  320100  320130  320110 320120
 Machine Length 17.5”  21”  16”  20"
 Brush Length 15.5" 19.25" 14" 18"
 Machine Width 8.75" 8.75" 11.25" 11.25"
 Amps 8 8 8 8
 Motor 800 800 800 800
 Weight (pounds)  42 47 47 51
 Ship Weight (pounds) 55 60 58 65
 Lab Certified Splash Resistant    
 Extra Soft Brush  754202 (Black)    754301 (White)  754311 (White)
 Residential Brush 754203 (Grey)    754305 (Grey) 754315 (Grey)
 Standard Brush 754201 (White) 754401 (White) 754302 (Blue) 754312 (Blue)
 Stiff Brush  754200 (Brown) 754402 (Brown) 754303 (Brown) 754313 (Brown)
 Extra Stiff (Tile & Grout) Brush     754304 (Black)  754314 (Black)

*IP54 Specifications

A newer, more innovative system for low-moisture, low-residue carpet care.

Ease of Use: A convenient foot lever releases the handle and starts the brushes. Returning the handle to the upright position turns off the brushes and locks the handle. Brushes can be switched out in minutes without tools.

Mobility: Large wheels allow convenient travel in and out of buildings and homes and up and down stairs.

Renovator Technology: These machines have been upgraded with the unique RENOVATOR technology for pre-vacuuming dry soil and post-vacuuming the soil saturated compound.

Brushes: A wide variety of brushes are available for multiple fabrics and surfaces.

These machines require very little maintenance. Just wipe down the machine periodically and clean and rotate the brushes occasionally. Brushes are changed without tools. Complete kit includes standard brushes, transportation cart, detachable Renovators, dust covers, and dust brush for cleaning the machine after removing brushes.

Mist 'N' Brush LM


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