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High-Pressure Solution Hose


Hose Reel

200 Feet - 45"D x 49"H x 16.5"W

250 Feet - 45"D x 49"H x 20.5"W

300 Feet - 45"D x 49"H x 24.5"W

300 Feet - 17"Diam x 6.5"W

450 Feet - 23"Diam x 6.5"W

These vacuum hose storage reels provide an easy-turn design featuring custom fabricated “poly-slick” bearings. The vacuum hose reels are pre-drilled to accept the solution reels, and they are fully compatible with all our hose reel accessories. The vacuum hose reels are fully assembled and equipped with a positive spool stop.

The solution reels provide convenient storage for high-pressure solution and garden hoses. The standard solution reels come in two sizes and are equipped with an angle bracket that bolts directly to our vacuum hose reels. The all-welded steel construction with a rust-resistant paint finish makes it an attractive asset to any truck mounted cleaning system.

Pictured: the vacuum hose reel with a stack bracket and two solution reels.

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