Redline Liquid PreSpray

Carpet Prespray

Redline Liquid
#110800: 8-oz Sample
#110805: Gallon
#110806: Case of 4 Gallons
#110807: 5-Gallon Jug
#110809: 55-Gallon Barrel

Finally, a liquid traffic lane cleaner that earns the name “Redline Liquid Prespray." 

Ultra concentrated with our 32:1, super thick formula. Easily cleans the dirtiest, greasiest, filthiest traffic lanes you encounter. Extensively field tested with rave reviews by the cleaners who used the product. This product outperforms the competition and is safe to use on stain resist carpeting. You’re not buying water with this product!

Ready-to-use pH is 9.9



Mix 1 part RedLine Liquid Prespray with 32 parts hot water (4 oz per gallon of water). Mix well and apply to carpet.

For use with an in-line sprayer use undiluted with the 32:1 metering tip or mix 1.5 quarts of RedLine Liquid Prespray with 3.5 quarts water.

For best results agitate with a pile brush or rake.

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