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Oriental Rug Shampoo

Fine Fabric Shampoo

Oriental Rug Shampoo

#120205: Gallon
#120206: Case of 4 Gallons
#120207: 5-Gallon Jug
$120209: 55-Gallon Barrel

Oriental Rug Shampoo is a neutral pH shampoo for wool rugs and carpets, and other specialty textiles. Oriental Rug Shampoo is a premium blend of detergents, degreasers, and natural citrus solvents which safely clean fine fabrics. Neutral pH and advanced formula cleans and brightens textiles. Rich foam emulsifies grime without worry of overwetting, long drying times, or browning. Designed for rotary or hand cleaning methods. Leaves a pleasant citrus scent.

Ready to use pH is 7.5


Mix one part Oriental Rug Shampoo with 32 parts water (4 oz. per gallon).

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