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MasterBlend offer's a wide-ranging line of products designed for dealing with every type of upholstery cleaning scenario!

This pack includes 1-gallon of Dry Fabric Cleaner, CottonEase Shampoo, Upholstery Prespray, and Fine Fabric PreSpray.


Fine Fabric PreSpray Spotter is formulated to be a superior performing neutral pH prespray for all your upholstery and fine fabrics. Prespray action immediately penetrates the unique soiling found especially on upholstery from body oils and spills. Also, can be used undiluted on soil filtration lines.

• Neutral pH For All Fabrics
• Penetrates Oil And Dry Soils On Contact
• Powered With A Natural Solvent
• Ready-To-Use pH Is 7.5

Dry Fabric Cleaner is composed of dry cleaning solvents that are pre-charged to dry clean upholstery and drapery. Dry Fabric Cleaner cleaning action begins immediately to penetrate the soiling on upholstery and drapery when dry cleaning is desired. Special solvents dissolve oils and soils without the concerns that accompany wet cleaning. Dry Fabric Cleaner can be used with the hand cleaning method or in an approved solvent cleaning upholstery cleaning machine.

• Precharged Dry Cleaning Solvent
• Ready-To-Use, No Mixing Required
• For Fabrics Labeled “Dry Clean Only”
• Citrus Fragrance
• Formulated to clean Wool fibers and 5th gen. stain resistant carpet.

Cotton Ease Shampoo is the premium shampoo formula for cleaning white and Haitian cotton. High-performance liquid cleaner for all Haitian, Tahitian, and other raw cotton fabrics. Capable of cleaning very effectively without browning and corrects browning from previous cleanings without bleaching the fibers.

Not for use on colored cotton. Colors can be lightened.

• Dry Foam For Cleaning White & Haitian Cotton Upholstery
• The Most Effective Way To Prevent & Correct Browning
• Dries To A Fine Crystalline Powder That Easily Vacuums Out
• Ready-To-Use pH Is 6.0.

Upholstery PreSpray is an alkaline prespray for upholstery cleaning. Alkaline in nature to ensure a quick, complete, and effective breakdown of oils and soils on upholstery, such as body oils. Self-neutralizing formulation gives exceptional results with a pH that automatically reduces to neutral in 10 minutes.

• Self-Neutralizing Alkaline PreSpray
• Aggressively Breaks Down Grease & Body Oils
• Emulsifies Food And Beverage Spills
• Ready-To-Use, No Mixing Required
• Ready-To-Use pH Is 9.5 (Safely Self-Neutralizes Upon Drying)


Vendor: MasterBlend

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