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MasterBlend's sample packs are a great way to sample some of our most trusted products!

This pack will ship with 1-gallon of UrineLock, Ultimate Fabric Protector, POP and a 6-pound jar of Enzyme PreSpray.

UrineLock Bio-Enzyme Deodorizer is excellent at removing difficult odors & some stains from urine, feces, vomit, & other protein based odors & stains.

Ultimate Fabric Protector provides unmatched lasting protection against spots & spills, safe for all fiber types and can be used on carpets, upholstery, area rugs, shoes, wedding dresses & more!

POP - Poleyester & Olefin PreSpray is specifically designed for hard to clean polyester and olefin carpets. Can tackle even the worst rental & commercial carpets with ease!

Enzyme PreSpray Powder is our most versatile prespray. Powerful enough for tough traffic lanes & soils in residential & commercial carpets but also meets standards for use on wool carpets, rugs, and most synthetic fiber upholstery fabrics!


UrineLock is a specially formulated pet odor and stain solution that combines the effectiveness of odor encapsulation with the long-lasting stain and odor fighting capabilities of bio-enzymes. Odor encapsulation provides immediate odor relief. Biotechnology for stain and long lasting odor removal.

• Odor Encapsulation Provides Immediate Odor Relief
• Biotechnology For Stain and Long Lasting Odor Removal
• Removes Urine, Feces, Vomit, and Other Protein Stains and Odors
• Concentrated 4 to 1 Dilution
• Not A Masking Agent
• Ready To Use pH Is 8.0
• Does Not Resoil

Ultimate Solvent Fabric Protector is a premium solvent fluorochemical fabric protector for upholstery and specialty textiles. Imparts outstanding water, oil, and soil repellency to both natural and synthetic fabrics. Ultimate provides excellent fiber penetration using a highly refined odorless mineral spirit carrier.
Can be safely applied to most fabrics including Haitian Cottons, Silks, Velvets, and Draperies using a pump-up or electric sprayer after cleaning.
Achieves the highest level of protection after a 48 to 72-hour curing process.

• Solvent Flourochemical Protector
• Excellent Water, Oil, & Dry Soil Resistance
• Soil Release & Anti-Resoiling Protection
• Stands Up To Heavy Use & Frequent Vacuuming
• One Gallon Protects Up To 1,000 Sq Ft
• VOC Compliant

P.O.P. is the industry's BEST product for polyester and olefin carpets (polypropylene). Extra aggressive on oils and greases.
This product packs a punch in cleaning oily, greasy polyester and olefin traffic lanes or any traffic lanes that do not respond to regular presprays.

• Formulated for Polyester & Olefin Carpet
• 32:1 Concentrate
• Deep Cleans Oil and Soil Build-up
• Removes Filtration Soil at Carpet Edges
• Ready To Use pH Is 11.4

Enzyme PreSpray Premium Soil Lifter is a superior powdered citrus enzyme prespray for hard to remove protein soil and grease.
Uses an advanced formulation of enzymes and natural citrus solvents. Strong enough for the dirtiest of carpets. Dissolves very rapidly and becomes active immediately. Time-saving Enzyme PreSpray works with quick action as soon as it is applied. Leaves a natural citrus fragrance. Concentrated powder formula ensures high potency and long shelf life.

• Premium Enzyme Powder Prespray
• Breaks Down Hard to Remove Protein Soil & Grease
• For Use On The Most Difficult Soil Conditions
• Perfect For Food Service Areas
• Ready To Use pH Is 9.3

Vendor: MasterBlend

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